Rooftop Shot VFX

This visual effects breakdown details the step-by-step process to create an extensive visual effects shot.

I built the original vfx shot for a teaser trailer by Vision Unlimited. Roughly at the same time I wanted to apply at different universities and needed a cool video to show off my abilities, so I took apart the original VFX shot and mashed it up to this unusual breakdown.


In the beginning of the breakdown you can see me digitally paint in parts of the actor that leave the screen like his gun, foot or parts of the helmet.

Building the scenery

I continued to built a digital world around the actor using stock textures, positioning them in 3D space and correcting their colors to fit the scene.

To make everything more dramatic, I added a particle system for three-dimensional rain and a bunch of clouds, responding to the helicopter.

The 3D model of the helicopter was pre-rendered by Vision Unlimited specifically for this shot.


To finish it off and give the scene a bit more realism, I added depth of field, a few lens flares, a light wrap around the actor, an overall glow and a cinematic color correction.