For the course „Hacks & Hoaxes“ by Prof. Dennis Paul at the University of the Arts, Bremen, a colleague and I prepared a fake Kickstarter project that tries to get a new Kickstarter funded on Kickstarter itself.

Centrepiece of our work is what makes or breaks every Kickstarter project: The video. Intentionally corny and over the top, our project video got us some attention on social media and a mention in a blog post by hackaday.com.

We’ve seen perpetual motion machines on Kickstarter, and we’ve seen projects that may actually have some basis in reality. We’ve seen 12-year-olds put up a Kickstarter for a new gaming computer, and we’ve seen campaigns to build a bar in some random guy’s basement. There is only one project we haven’t seen on Kickstarter, until now: a campaign to build another crowdfunding platform. It is the Shortening of the Way.

Along with other comments, the project was exhibited between 6th and 11th of October 2015 at Galerie Herold in Bremen.


Actor: Kyle Limin
Script, Sound: Manasse Pinsuwan
Camera, Editing, Motion Graphics: René Henrich