Escape from the City

Escape from the City

„Escape from the City“ is the result of testing a new idea finding process. It’s a 19-frame, 25fps seamless loop that you might have seen on reddit, imgur or even ello before.

I started out drawing a sketch, just thinking where to place the next line without looking at the whole picture.

I ended up with an abstract image and tried to find objects and shapes. Is there a road? Trees to the left? Triangles? Maybe Mountains? The Sun in the center?

I tried to make sense of it all and drew a second, more refined sketch that interpreted the abstract lines as real life objects, arranged in way that stayed true to the original abstract composition.

I then chose a color palette and recreated the sketch digitally as a vector image.

While it was originally intended as a still image, I thought it would look really awesome if it was animated and looped perfectly, so I animated it.

The project was created over two days. One to come up with an idea and illustrate it and another day to animate it.