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This is the visual effects portfolio of René Henrich where I present most projects I’ve been a part of and promotional reels of my works. Watch the pieces below, to get a rough impression of my works or dive directly into more detailed presentations of my works. You might also want to check out more about me or contact me.

My Evolution in VFX

This reel showcases the progress of my works from the earliest pieces of video I took to the current compositings and animations I work on.

Here‘s a complete list of all projects shown in the reel, so that you can check them out in detail:

Rooftop-Shot VFX Breakdown

This breakdown details the compositing steps it took me to put together an effect-heavy shot for the teaser of the film Operation Flash. I tried a very different and unique approach at breakdowns with this piece to avoid creating another loveless and clinical breakdown of which I’ve seen so many in the past.